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Cadence Fluidics manufactures custom fluidic components for HPLC, mass spectrometry, preparative and flash chromatography, microfluidics, and subassemblies for many other liquid handling applications.

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Cadence Fluidics offers a broad line of liquid valves and fluidic subassemblies for many applications. Besides classic high pressure injection and switching valves for HPLC, many low pressure valves for solvent selection, flow switching and injection are also available. Preparative liquid valves are available for high flow rate applications.

The Cadence valve family encompasses a broad range of valve components and sealing materials for the instrument designer. The Cadence staff has a considerable knowledge base and can assist OEM's and designers with any specialized requests. Cadence responds quickly to custom design requests for fast and efficient instrument development cycles, important in the highly competitive world of analytical instrumentation.

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