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Cadence Fluidics manufactures custom fluidic components for HPLC, mass spectrometry, preparative and flash chromatography, microfluidics, and subassemblies for many other liquid handling applications.

Electronically Actuated Valves

Fluidic control and management is made easy by the use of electronically-actuated valves. Cadence rotary valves are driven by stepper motors and depending on the pressures required, and the solvents specified, a number of motor and gear driver packages are available. The  most popular driver package uses a size 17 motor (Fig 1).  Valves are supplied with a driver board requiring power and control connections.  Positioning of the valves is achieved by absolute feedback control which guarantees the proper fluidic path is switched. Available control schemes include simple switch closure, BCD control, and standard RS-232.

A broad range of materials to meet the needs of even the harshest chemical conditions is available including stainless steel, PEEK, ceramic, polyimide, and many other materials. A developer package is available that allows the fluidics designer a simple way to install any Cadence valve and PC driver board, connect a control cable to a computer and be running the valve in a very short time. This kit includes software that is loaded onto a computer and connected through a USB port to operate the valve.

Our electronically actuated valves are available without driver boards for those OEM developers that will embed this firmware into their own PCB.  Cadence can assist these developers with driver firmware suggestions specific to particular applications.  Inquire by phone or e-mail for information.


Product/Ordering Information for Electronically Actuated Valves:

Description Product Number
Motorized Switching Valve High pressure 2 position, 6 port, with PCB UBX-1701-0206-0001
Motorized Switching Valve Low pressure 2 position, 6 port, with PCB UBX-1402-0206-0001
Motorized Selector Valve High pressure 6 position, 7 port, with PCB UBX-1701-0607-0001
Motorized Selector Valve Low pressure 6 position, 7 port, with PCB UBX-1402-0607-0001
Motorized Selector Valve Low pressure 10 position, 11 port, with PCB UBX-1402-1011-0001
Developer Kit DX-1000

To order, please email us your contact information and we will respond immediately Thank you.

Product Figures


Valve with size 17 motor driver


6-port w/PCB

6-port SS

6-port SS


6-port coated SS