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Cadence Fluidics manufactures custom fluidic components for HPLC, mass spectrometry, preparative and flash chromatography, microfluidics, and subassemblies for many other liquid handling applications.

Manually Actuated Valves

Simple hand operated liquid valves are essential to many researchers for HPLC and low pressure applications. Cadence offers a family of manual valves. The WX-1000 (Fig 1) is an injection valve with a needle port located in the handle of the valve for sample loading. This valve has an extremely low volume between the tip of the injection needle and the sample groove in the valve.  The performance of WX-1000 is comparable to manual injection valves from existing manufactures. (see below)

The WX-1000 is supplied in a kit (Fig 2) that includes all the essential accessories to make it operational.  This includes a 20uL sample loop and a number accessories including:  appropriate fittings and bushings, tubing, injection needle, and wrenches.  Also included is an electrical connector that extends the length of the injection switch closure capability.

Manual Injection Valves Comparison:

WX 1000 Comparison

Product/Ordering Information for Manually Actuated Valves:

Description Product Number Price
Manual injector valve kit WX-1000-01 Call
Manual valve rebuild kit WRX-1000 Call


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Product Figures

WX-1000 Injector

Fig 1. Manual Injector Valve

WX-1000 kit

Fig 2. Manual Injector Valve Kit